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The coach’s prescription

One of the reasons I started this blog/website was to have a place to share things I like and find interesting. It can be a podcast, movie, website, person or any other source that enrich my life in some way and that I hope will benefit you as well.

For my first recommendation I have chosen the phenomenal podcast “Sigma Nutrition Radio” with Danny Lennon. The different episodes treat a vast number of different aspects ranging coaching, training, supplementation to  life-style factors and well being.

The guests are always competent and serious and the questions from Danny are always well thought out and curious.

If you have any interest at all in exercise or nutritional science I suggest you give this podcast a chance. I especially enjoyed the episodes where they touched on the subject of sleep and sleeping habits in some way. I think these episodes might give you some interesting thoughts, even if you’re not that into the science part. Sleep is something we all do and scientists make new discoveries on the importance on sleep every day.

Episodes regarding sleep that I found especially interesting was #38 with Dan Pardi, #61 with Kirk Parsley and #145 with Ian Dunnican.

You can find the podcast on or in your favorite podcast-app.

Hope you find this interesting and worth your while.



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Explosive workout

Here’s a little workout aimed to build explosiveness.

I designed this workout for the students with the intention to incorporate simple exercises that help build coordination and explosiveness. And to inspire them to train legs outside of the gym during the summer holiday.

The goal is to do the movements with maximum intention and focus on stability in the landings. The kettlebell swings should be as explosive as possible so don’t be afraid to use a heavy one there.

These types of workouts can be highly effective to train explosiveness and leg strength. But keep in mind that it can be pretty damaging in high volumes so use it as a way to mix up your basic strength training. And remember that you should rest enough between sets so that you can finish the next set with maximum intention and don’t loose speed.

Good luck!

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Today’s Workout

Here is today’s workout and a short video.

I have a minor injury in my elbow after a fall at the Orange Open in Riksgränsen so I can’t do much pushing movements. I tried to design today’s workout around the injury and it worked ot well.

The workout:

10 rounds of:

5 tire flips

5 tire jumps

20m farmer’s walk

Wearing 10kg weight vest.


I completed the workout in about 10 minutes and it wasn’t that exhausting, but I wanted to go quite light considering my sore elbow.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think!



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The Orange Open

The Orange Open Makes Quarterpipes Great Again!

A week ago in Riksgränsen the Gälka Warriors crew dug out a perfectly shaped quarter pipe in the infamous “Apelsinklyftan” (the orange gully in English), and thus brought the quarter pipe competition back to Sweden. 

The quarter pipe itself was quite a mellow beast, measuring about 6m in height and 20m in length, with a step up to a “bowl” section on the far right. The latter was upgraded for the second session with an extension in the form of a picnic table.

The first session started out on Sunday and everyone was hyped but a bit hesitant due to the fact that almost no one had ridden a quarter pipe in years and for some, or the majority, it was their first time.  After a while people started sending it, working on hand plants or trying to beat Mr Terje Haakonsen in height. Terje did a perfectly executed nosebone to fakie, catching some 4m of air over the lip. Check out @chocorompe on instagram for an awesome pic shot by the talented Daniel Bernstål.

On Monday the time had come for the second and final session on the quarter pipe. The weather gods had blessed us with perfect weather conditions and the features looked mint. Although people were a bit sore from the previous day’s session and hiking, everyone started charging and trying out new tricks. Terje took out his snow skate han started doing tricks that most riders dream of doing on a snowboard.

The picnic table soon became one of my favorite things to hit and i tried to do as many tricks as possible and to be creative. Didn’t win any of the spot prizes but I had heaps of fun, although I took a lot of slams.

Some highlights of the day were Johan Nordhag’s chicken wing McTwist (@johannordhag), Abbe Hjellström’s one foot to fakie (@abbe_hj), Terje’s height and Len Roald Jørgensen’s creativity (@sirframeface). The ladies charged hard and Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir (@ylfarunars) sent sick handplants and McTwists, Julia Lundberg (@julialundb) went huge an Rebecca Bodin (@rebeccajbodin) did handplants in places handplants should be impossible. A special shout out to Tomas Johansson a.k.a. Tompi a.k.a. Knoddas who borrowed Terje’s snow skate and did an airwalk to fakie first try!

After a long day of hiking and shredding I tried to get a final trick and went for an alley-oop transfer from the high part of the quarter to the low part. But my legs were too tired and I didn’t get the airtime i needed and caught the lip of the lower quarterpipe and fell backwards on to my arm. (You can se a similar bail in the video.) The pain was instant and I thought that my arm was broken. But after I was taken care of by the medical team (thanks) and got checked up at the doctor’s office it was concluded that I only had suffered a sprained elbow.

Here’s a few tricks that I managed to put down, filmed by Jakob Dahlberg (@jdahlbergg). I can’t wait to see the official video from the event!


It was two days of pure snowboarding joy and I think everyone found a new love for quarter pipe riding.

The winners were announced at the bar Grönan and competition boss Jacob Söderqvist said that it’s way more fun with a lot of winners than only a few. So best handplant went to Markus Östman for a Fs invert to fakie. Best trick went to Abbe Hjellström for the sick one foot to fakie. Highest air and best tweak went to Terje Haakonsen. Female rider of the day was Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir and male rider of the day was Len Roald Jørgensen. But wait a minute, didn’t yours truly win anything? I sure did, I won price for sending it the hardest and I’m very proud.

Thanks to everyone involved for making quarter pipes great again!



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This is the blog

I might be the last person on earth getting a blog.

So, here I am.

The reason I felt the need to start a blog is that I would like to have an outlet where I can post things that interest me, that I want to share with others, people like you. At the same time I felt like I would like to expand my business on the side of my “daytime job” and needed a website. So i decided to start this blog/website and se how it works out. This also lets me be more personal in my personal social media channels, and more business-y on here.

So I hope you will enjoy this blog. And if you don’t maybe you find something on here that leads you to a blog or a page you enjoy more.


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