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The coach’s prescription

One of the reasons I started this blog/website was to have a place to share things I like and find interesting. It can be a podcast, movie, website, person or any other source that enrich my life in some way and that I hope will benefit you as well.

For my first recommendation I have chosen the phenomenal podcast “Sigma Nutrition Radio” with Danny Lennon. The different episodes treat a vast number of different aspects ranging coaching, training, supplementation to  life-style factors and well being.

The guests are always competent and serious and the questions from Danny are always well thought out and curious.

If you have any interest at all in exercise or nutritional science I suggest you give this podcast a chance. I especially enjoyed the episodes where they touched on the subject of sleep and sleeping habits in some way. I think these episodes might give you some interesting thoughts, even if you’re not that into the science part. Sleep is something we all do and scientists make new discoveries on the importance on sleep every day.

Episodes regarding sleep that I found especially interesting was #38 with Dan Pardi, #61 with Kirk Parsley and #145 with Ian Dunnican.

You can find the podcast on http://sigmanutrition.com/ or in your favorite podcast-app.

Hope you find this interesting and worth your while.



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