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Iceland part one

So, last weekend I went to Iceland for the first time in my life to carry out the first part of the Snowboard coaches course that I announced earlier.

The layout of the course was three seminars and two practical training sessions divided on two and a half days. I arrived in Reykjavik on Friday afternoon and held the first seminar that evening. The course ended on Sunday with a seminar in the morning and a practical training session with focus on body awareness and acrobatics in the afternoon.


I am very happy with how the whole thing turned out and especially with the participants. They were engaged, interested and offered insightful views on the topics we discussed. I am really looking forward to going there again this spring for the on-snow seminars!

This course was tailored by me for the Icelandic ski- and snowboard association but the topics we covered are topics that I tend to cover on this blog as well. So make sure to keep up with the blog or follow me on Instagram (@rehncoaching) or on Facebook  to get access to my latest thoughts about training for snowboarding, or in general.

If you have a request or any question whatsoever, please contact me on

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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As some of you may know, weightlifting is kind of my hobby after snowboarding. It’s hard though to combine snowboarding and weightlifting during the season since I want to have as much energy left for snowboarding as possible.

In this video I wanted to show you a typical workout for me when I’m also snowboarding. I try to keep the volume low but the intensity quite high so I get good quality from every workout. It’s a mix of weightlifting squatting and some monkeybusiness. Enjoy!

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New collaboration!

I have great news!

I am happy to announce that I will be working together with the Icelandic ski- and snowboard association this year. My job is to design and carry out a course for snowboard coaches on Iceland.


The Icelandic snowboarding scene is probably best known for the Helgason brothers, Eiki and Halldór. Who for the last couple of years have been some of the greatest influencers in street and contest snowboarding.

But Iceland has a simmering snowboard community with a lot of young riders coming in the wake of the Helgasons. The Icelandic ski- and snowboard association are keen on making the best of their possibilities and give these new snowboarders the best opportunities to develop their skills.

I am glad that the Icelandic ski- and snowboard association are willing to invest in the youth through investing in their snowboard coaches. I am honored for the opportunity to start this journey together with them and I think it will be great!

This year I will be going to Iceland twice. First for a three day seminar on preseason training for snowboarding and after new years for an on-snow seminar. I can’t wait to get there and start this new collaboration which hopefully will last into the future!

Let’s make Icelandic snowboarding even greater!


PS. If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me on, I look forward to hearing from you! DS.

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