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Intervju med Fat and Furious

Bröderna Abbe och Theo Hjellström bildar snowboardduon Fat and Furious som har skämt bort oss med kul och kreativa snowboardedits förra säsongen. I år är de tillbaka med ett nytt filmprojekt som kallas Full Party.

Både Abbe och Theo har åkt snowboard på skoltid under sina gymnasieår i Malung, Abbe på Freeridegymnasiet och Theo på Snowboardgymnasiet RIG. Jag tog ett snack med dem efter att de premiärvisat sin film för de nuvarande eleverna på Malungs gymnasieskola.

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Posted by Markus on

Recommendation of the day

Today I want to give you a tip for a Youtube channel that I really enjoy. And if you’re in to weightlifting, powerlifting or strength training in general I think you will to!

The Youtube channel I’m talking about is that of Juggernaut Training Systems 

Here you can find a lot of technique tips for weightlifting from Max Aita, you’ll get a lot of mobility tips and learn about biomechanics from Dr. Quinn and you will get a lot of good practical advice from Chad Wesley.

One of my favorite videos is about the squat and hip structure with Dr. Quinn. He makes some really good points and explains why everyone can’t squat in the same manner, watch it here!

It’s just a great channel for those of you who coach others, or yourself, or just want to learn more!

So my advice for you today is to go to their channel and check out the content. I’m sure you will learn something or get some new ideas.



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