Who am I?

My name is Markus Rehn and I am a snowboarder who has dedicated his career to help anyone with a passion for snowboarding to reach their goals.

I am currently working at the Swedish National Snowboard Academy in Malung, Sweden, and I have done so for the last 5 years. The Academy drafts the most talented junior riders in Sweden and gives them the opportunity to train and ride as much as possible during their high school years.


I have been snowboarding for about 20 years now and I am still going strong. Besides working at the Snowboard Academy I coach future snowboard coaches, both through the organization “SLAO” and through Rehn Coaching. And of course I love to shred in my free time aswell.

When I don’t snowboard I like to train strength and conditioning and I like to coach people in all the different aspects that I feel leads to progress defined by their goals.

I am quite interested in psychology, both applied sports psychology and clinical psychology and I am aiming to get a bachelors degree this fall (2017).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, if you want me to set up a coaching  deal for you, or if you just want to hang out and snowboard.


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